Have you ever wondered if everything around you was the same?, well I have. Growing up there was no such a thing as a shopping mall. The closest was a department store, I know you think I was sheltered growing up, but at a time there ware no computers, we didn’t go into outer space,  T.V.’s weren’t invented yet, well  by now I hope you get me.

All of a sudden there was a thing called Strip Mall’s starting to open up which made no sense or reason to me. We been going to same corner store to buy what we needed at the time, and we got by. I finally got to point of I got it crept upon to me. If that wasn’t enough I heard a store opened up that you could buy anything you wanted. Unlike Macy’s, Gimbles and other stores like that only sold Clothes, this new type of store sold groceries, radios, and TV’s which was just invented, and other small appliances.

This complex almost killed off the corner store. Than evolution took hold. Competition was on a frenzy which made strip malls get bigger combining a group of different stores into one larger building, which made people get lazy due to no exercise walking to store to store, know everything is in the same place.

At this point I started to travel to different countries being on business trips. The why hit me like a light bulb going off in my head (economics), which became a Major to me, And started my quest to get some of the answers to my questions, at that point have  more of.

Well this is almost an ongoing thing for me. If your are like me and love Cliff Hangers lets just leave it at this point.

To be continued